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廖汉林 Hanlin LIAO






(Development of coating technology for cylinder bore application for car engine)


Thermal spraying technologies are used for manufacturing the cylinder bore coating for replacing the cast iron cylinder bore, several processes and surface treatment technologies will be presented and microstructure and wear test results, vehicle tests showed that this method is perfectly feasible and it will become main process pour car engines.


Professor Hanlin LIAO’s main research fields are development de process, study in new materials for thermal spraying, and correlation between process/microstructures/properties: the works carried out aims at developing a better understanding of the relationships between the input spray parameters, in-flight particle condition, coating microstructure and coating performance. He is experts in thermal spraying and additive manufacturing wit Selective Laser Melting processes and he supervised about 30 PhD students and published about 250 articles in international journals and about 150 oral presentations in international conferences.